Frequently asked questions:

Q. Where did the Kettle Valley Railway start?

A. Right here in Midway, this is the original site – Mile 0 for the KVR.

Q. When was the railway built?

A. Sod was turned July 5, 1910 and completed 1915.

Q. When did the last train run?

A. The last passenger train was in 1964 and the last freight in 1989.

Q. What is Midway, midway of?

A. It is the midway point on the historic Dewdney Trail between Fort Steele and Fort Langley, midway between Grand Forks and Osoyoos, midway between Penticton and Marcus Washington, midway between the Pacific Ocean the Rocky Mountains.

Q. When is the museum typically open to visitors?

A. Our museum is mainly open during the summer months, except for special events. This is the peak tourist season in the area, which is what we cater to. However, we are also open more limited hours in the autumn and spring to accommodate off season visitors and travellers.

Q. Why should I visit the museum?

A: We have an outstanding collection of unique artefacts that you won't find elsewhere in Canada. Also, our location is unique in terms of train history and the development of western Canada. Many people who visit us say we're one of the best small museums they've been to!

Q. How many staff do you have?

A. We have one permanent staff member, our manager. We also have interns during the summer months (please contact us if you are interested) and we have a lovely group of volunteers from the local area.

Q. Is there other things to do in Midway?

A. We have excellent amenities, plenty of stunning scenery for a photo-op, The Entwined Tree and "Stektahl", a nine hole golf course, nearby skiing in the winter months, newly upgrade trails, and fishing on the Kettle River. Whatever your outdoor interests, Midway has something to offer you!

Q. How can I reserve the historic Bunkhouse?

A. You need to email the Museum office [email protected]